• Can we apply to be an adopted family through your organization?

No. We do not accept applications for assistance. There are many local organizations that are able to help families with a variety of needs, especially during the holiday season. You might check with your child's school counselor or with your local chamber of commerce. However, we only support families identified to us by the administrators of the public school system.

  • Can we deliver directly to the family?

Due to privacy rules and school regulations, we do not allow groups to deliver directly to the family. We can arrange for your group to deliver directly to the school and in some instances we have been able to arrange for the family to be present when you deliver. However, this is dependant on your groups schedule, the schedule of the counselor, the regulations at the school and the schedule of the family.

  • Can we deliver directly to the school?

Yes! You can always deliver directly to the school and it is our preferred method of delivery. While we try to keep groups sponsoring an "adopted" family close together in their near vicinity, sometimes this is not possible. Because of this, deliveries to the school can sometimes be across town. We make every effort to make this option as convenient as possible for you.

  • Can we donate used items?

We ask that all items donated be new and unopened. The only exception we make is for larger and more difficult to purchase items such as coats, bicycles, computers and furniture. For these items, we do allow donations and purchases from consignment shops. However, we ask that these items be in like new working condition with no broken features, flaws, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers or stains.

  • Are we a recognized 501c3 charity?

YES! The law firm, Fulbright and Jaworski L.L.C., helped us complete everything needed to receive our 501c3 status and we have been a recognized non-profit charity since October 2008.

  • Do items need to be wrapped?

Items do not have to be wrapped, but can be wrapped if you choose to wrap them. When wrapping them be sure to label each item with the name of the family member the item is intended for. If your group does not have time to wrap the items, wrapping paper and tape are appreciated along with the gifts so that the family may wrap the items, but is not required.

  • If I Adopt a Family Am I Responsible For The Parent's Items?

Yes. While the emphasis is on the children in the family, we do ask for need information from all members of the family and we ask that those needs try to be met.

  • What items does a family typically need?

Needs vary by family, but are generally along the lines of shoes, coats and jackets, clothes, toys, games, baby items, jeans, school supplies, household items, towels, bedding and blankets, pots and pans.

Sometimes children will ask for larger items on their want list that include gameboys, playstations, bicycles, etc. We do not expect larger items like these to be met. Children are usually unaware of the cost of these items and ask for them because they do not understand the cost involved.

  • What size is the average family?

Families vary in size from small (2-3 people) to large (8-10 people). We try to give large families to larger groups or businesses and smaller families to smaller groups or individual families who are adopting. The majority of our families are typically 4-6 people.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to support a family or families in the Second Wind Dallas Adopt-a-Family program. Each family is only assigned to one sponsor and will not be receiving any additional support, from any other organization or individual. If at any time you feel you cannot fulfill this agreement, you only need to let us know and we will quickly reassign any family or families assigned to you to another sponsor.